Display at Fan Fusion 2024

We had a great display at Fan Fusion 2024.  We had a 39′ x 40′ area that was broken down into 4 sections.  Our themed display this year was Western (25′ x 7.5′).  We also had a Pod Racing scene on Tatooine.  And our normal City/Train layout with a new parade scene, a zoo and a movie studio scene as well as a huge crane.  Here are some pictures of the event:

The following image shows the plans that we used for the layout.

Layout of Fan Fusion 2024

Cactus Brick January 2024 Meeting

We held our January 2024 Meeting on Jan 20th.  Our main topic was our annual business meeting and future events we are planning.  Our club members brought in various Lego projects they are working on.

Cactus Brick December 2023 Meeting

Cactus Brick had a club meeting on Dec. 16, 2023.  Our main event was a Dirty Brickster which everyone had loads of fun.  Also, a few of our club members brought Lego items in that they’ve been working on.

Cactus Brick October 2023 Meeting

We Held our October 2023 Meeting on 10/21/23. Our main event was a contest to place the most Lego pieces into a large Pick-a-brick cup. Del won the contest with over 500 pieces in his. We were also preparing for a Halloween display the following weekend. Here are some pictures of what club members brought in:

Cactus Brick September 2023 Meeting

We held our September 2023 Meeting on 9/16/23.  Our main event for the meeting was a Western Theme Contest.  Here are some pictures of that plus a picture of something someone brought it.

Cactus Brick April 2023 Meeting

We held our April 2023 Meeting on April 15th.  We had 23 people attend the meeting.  Here’s a few pictures from the meeting.